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Our Approach

After interviewing 100's of businesses we understand that every business is different and has completely different needs and goals. We don't attempt to force down your throat a 'one size fits all' marketing package. We strive to learn about our client's businesses to understand them allowing us to best help them achieve their business and income goals with implementing the right marketing plan as it plays a vital and key component to overall business success.

Our Story

I Mathew Pedersen, 25, the founder of Ambitrek Marketing grew up in a small town, Payson, Utah. 1 hour south of Salt Lake City, UT. I have 7 younger siblings making me the oldest of 8 kids. I have an incrediblly hardworking Mother that works as an English teacher, and had such an inspiration of a father displaying such love and care for others to look up to that has since passed. My dogs name is Stella. I rescued her 2 1/2 years ago, she is a blue nose pit bull from an animal shelter in Houston, TX. In spare time I love to be outdoors, I love spending time with my family, I love hiking with my dog, taking photos in the mountains (my photography), or surfing down the mountains on a snowboard.

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