How is the relationship between Google and your business?

Google can be a business owner’s best friend or worst enemy. Google can deliver more customers to a business in 1 week than a business can handle in an entire year. So why don’t all businesses take off after being listed? Competition.

In order for Google to upkeep their reputation they only want to recommend sound websites and companies in their search results to ensure a positive customer experience online. All businesses that don’t meet their unknown criteria are forgotten.

This is where the Ambitrek Marketing team comes in. We work to set up your business presence on Google the proper way getting everything up to par from your maps profile to ensuring your website is both SEO and mobile-friendly.

Our Marketing Package:

We employ a monthly strategy that will continue to increase your business’s credibility and trustworthiness with Google working to achieve more local exposure on your business resulting in consistent new customers from the internet. Depending on the competition for your business specifically, pricing ranges from $499- $1499 per/mon with a small setup fee.

The ugly:

This process can take a few months to get going depending on where your business stands and what type of a ‘foundation’ online you’ve got built.

The Package Includes:

  • Local citation building
  • GMB Optimization
  • GMB Posts
  • Map Links


  • Increased Local Exposure in Your Community.
  • A Healthy internet business presence.
  • Increased Google Reviews with Time.
  • Long-Term Branding.
  • Consistent New Customers!

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