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Our Story

I Mathew Pedersen, 25, the founder of Ambitrek Marketing grew up in a small town, Payson, Utah. 1 hour south of Salt Lake City, UT. I have 7 younger siblings making me the oldest of 8 kids. I have an incredibly hardworking Mother that works as an English teacher, and had such an inspiration of a father displaying such love and care for others to look up to that has since passed. My dog’s name is Stella. I rescued her 2 1/2 years ago, she is a blue nose pitbull from an animal shelter in Houston, TX. In my spare time, I love to be outdoors, I love spending time with my family, I love hiking with my dog, taking photos in the mountains (my photography), or surfing down the mountains on a snowboard.

How We Help A Business Succeed Online:

To help a business hit their goals whether it be sales count, a certain amount of revenue, or leads generated- In our initial consultation with potential clients we work to really understand what their needs are as our 1st priority. We then take this information and under very careful analysis determine a few avenues we can implement to help our clients reach their business goals.

The situation to avoid is spending ten-thousand dollars on traffic with Facebook or Google Ads and wondering where the money went. This often happens when a business might have developed a really great video commercial, but has just an adequate website. Or maybe the business has a great website that is converting but their email marketing is lacking therefore leaking traffic leads and sales out of their funnel, therefore losing and wasting marketing dollars.

This is why we have developed a very intricate process that works to improve your overall business presence looking at all the internet properties that are relevant for your business and the niche you're in. You can view the below list of the common areas we improve for our clients to help them increase the rate of their conversions allowing them to generate more money with every $1 spent.

Areas We Look for Low-Hanging-Fruit:

  1. Website
  2. Sales/Landing Pages
  3. Blog
  4. Email Marketing
  5. Social Media
    1. Facebook
    2. Instagram
    3. Pinterest
    4. Twitter
    5. LinkedIN
    6. Tik-Tok
  6. Retarget Marketing

We conduct a deep analysis into each one of these areas looking to identify most of the time simple edits to improve the number of conversions you're getting. Occasionally the work that will need to be done is a little more in-depth and complex, but it's nothing that we will not be able to handle.

For example, occasionally, under the right circumstances, it might make more sense both from a business and cost standpoint to rebuild a website and start from scratch instead of attempting to re-polish and revive an outdated site that will soon need attention again in the coming years.

As the items of correction are identified within your business's exposure on the internet, our team will also be researching and putting together a custom marketing strategy based on the niche of your business, your goals, circumstances, and most importantly- budget.

After we're able to come to satisfactory terms between both parties on the marketing and business we'd like to do together, we'll create and send a custom proposal and agreement catered to your specific needs allowing us to securely move forward on both ends.

As we start working on the project, our first goal is to work to achieve the overall 'LOOK' and 'FEEL' implementing the recently surfaced corrections that are aimed to help conversions. This process takes 1-6 weeks depending on the workload. We then assign you a Marketing Campaign Manager to work with directly and start to transition into the Advertising phase where we are actively working to set up and launch the marketing campaigns to generate highly targeted and qualified website traffic, leads, and purchases.

As the marketing campaign progresses, many optimizations and tests are completed in the first month as we're discovering more so who our exact target market is and how to reach them exactly. We keep you in the loop by sending monthly progress reports on the marketing campaign data, the goals and direction we're headed, and your conversions had.

The following months and are consumed with optimizing the highest and best-performing ads to work to get the Cost Per Conversion/Lead Down.

We work to accomplish this by continuously improving our audience targeting as we gather more sales data. We are constantly analyzing and comparing different advertising networks that are being run and compare simultaneously. The website/sales page also will need to be updated as we go along as it's the primary component of your business's internet exposure.

Want to talk about how we can help you hit your goals? Start Now with Booking a Quick Consultation

We understand your time is very important and respect that. When you book a consultation, we'll evaluate your internet presence for your business, talk about solutions that are available to you, and go over everything that's important to you regarding the marketing for your business. We then design a custom advertising solution and issue an organized proposal allowing us to start growing together if it makes sense for all parties.

We look forward to speaking with you soon!

Ambitrek Team