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Sales and Lead Generation

Our team works strategically on Facebook Google and Instagram’s paid marketing platforms to increase your company’s sales and leads!

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Website Design

Ambitrek Marketing allows you to put your company out there with a premium business website built in WordPress. Our sites put you ahead with being mobile ready.

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Social Media Marketing

We research your business and your target audience to create eye-catching ads driving high-quality website traffic.

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A Little About Us:

At Ambitrek Marketing we view our internet marketing clients as partners because it takes two high-quality parties to have a successful business relationship. We value integrity highly and work with our clients allowing them 100% transparency and honesty with their campaign as we believe that's what they deserve. We differentiate ourselves from other marketing companies by listening first to what the real needs of your business are along with having knowledge, team, and resources to employ the custom marketing strategy required for success. Over the years, we've realized, no business is the same, and therefore, can't be advertised with a rinse and repeat method. For this reason, in our initial consultation, we gather information on your current business situation and goals to develop a strategy to best help you accomplish them regardless of the phase of business you're in.


Ambitrek Marketing was started by Mathew Pedersen, 27, a digital marketing entrepreneur of 6 years. His entrepreneurial career began with building an internet marketing agency from the ground up with little to no start-up funds with a couple of partners after moving to Houston, TX from Utah. Mathew's relationship with his partners faded and they all went their separate ways in late 2017. He has been working since building the foundation on which Ambitrek Marketing stands today serving many clients like yourself adding many additional services into the marketing arsenal along the way.

How We Help a Business Succeed Online:

To help a business hit their goals whether it be sales count, a certain amount of revenue or leads generated- In our initial consultation with potential clients we work to really understand what their needs are as our 1st priority. We then take this information and under very careful analysis determine a few avenues we can implement to help our clients reach their business goals.

The situation to avoid is spending ten-thousand dollars on traffic with Facebook or Google Ads and wondering where the money went. This often happens when a business might have developed a really great video commercial, but has just an adequate website. Or maybe the business has a great website that is converting but their email marketing is lacking therefore leaking traffic leads and sales out of their funnel, therefore losing and wasting marketing dollars.

This is why we have developed a very intricate process that works to improve your overall business presence looking at all the internet properties that are relevant for your business and the niche you're in. You can view the below list of the common areas we improve for our clients to help them increase the rate of their conversions allowing them to generate more money with every $1 spent.

Areas We Look for Low-Hanging-Fruit:

  1. Website
  2. Sales/Landing Pages
  3. Blog
  4. Email Marketing
  5. Social Media
    1. Facebook
    2. Instagram
    3. Pinterest
    4. Twitter
    5. LinkedIN
    6. Tik-Tok
  6. Retarget Marketing

Ready? - Let's Increase the Sales you get from the Internet!

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