Sales and Lead Generation

Our team works strategically on Facebook Google and Instagram’s paid marketing platforms to increase your company’s sales and leads!

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Website Design

Ambitrek Marketing allows you to put your company out there with a premium business website built in WordPress. Our sites put you ahead with being mobile ready.

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Instagram Business Marketing

Ambitrek Marketing sends 100+ pr/day notifications to your target audiences cell phone on Instagram from YOUR business. This is in efforts to convert to followers and later sales/leads

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Ambitrek Marketing

We see our clients we perform marketing for as partners because it takes two quality parties to have a successful business relationship.

We provide internet marketing services to businesses working to increase sales and revenue for the company.

Our approach is we perform an initial consultation with potential clients to really understand what their needs are. We then develop and implement the correct online marketing strategy to help our clients reach their business goals.

Ambitrek Marketing was started by Mathew Pedersen, 27, a digital marketing entrepreneur of 6 years. He entrepreneurial career began with starting an internet marketing company with a partner that held an emphasis on SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and ended up running the company for 2 in Houston, TX in 2015 satisfying many clients. He was then forced to exit the business partnership because his partner's levels of integrity were not up to his standards.

Since then, Mathew moved back to the Salt Lake City area in Utah starting Ambitrek Marketing working with local brick and mortar businesses, service-based businesses, and e-commerce businesses achieve success on the internet.

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