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I Mathew Pedersen, 25, the founder of Ambitrek Marketing grew up in a small town, Payson, Utah. 1 hour south of Salt Lake City, UT. I have 7 younger siblings making me the oldest of 8 kids. I have an incrediblly hardworking Mother that works as an English teacher, and had such an inspiration of a father displaying such love and care for others to look up to that has since passed. My dogs name is Stella. I rescued her 2 1/2 years ago, she is a blue nose pit bull from an animal shelter in Houston, TX. In spare time I love to be outdoors, I love spending time with my family, I love hiking with my dog, taking photos in the mountains (my photography), or surfing down the mountains on a snowboard.

I acquired the inspiration to be an entrepreneur in Nov. 2015 when I was frustrated with corporate America working my administrative job registering and maintaining state licensing for an alarm company while going to school at UVU full-time in pursuit of an Accounting degree? (I laugh reflecting back lol. Ew.) No matter how hard I worked, my boss decided how much I was worth, what I did, and he decided when he did it. Everything I was doing I felt like I didn’t control, and I really didn’t like it. This was all the motivation I needed to become an entrepreneur.

My entrepreneur venture started by joining and working 3 different MLM/ Pyramid Schemes (lol)/ Network Marketing companies having some success building teams. I worked with Vemma, Wake Up Now, and MCA. Through these experiences is when I realized I didn’t have to work for somebody forever, and I could make as much as I made myself worth. So I quit the admin office job and started working a full-time sales job selling credit repair while still going to school full time at UVU in Orem, Utah working on my general education. My parents were poor growing up, so I was fortunate enough to receive grants that paid for my college tuition. When my mom got her whopping 38K a year salary as a teacher, my grants were revoked and I dropped out of college with my generals completed after paying for just 1 semester. As it didn’t serve a vital purpose in what I wanted to do, run my own business.

In May 2015 I moved to Minneapolis, MN to hang out with their state bird the mosquito, well also to sell alarm systems door to door. I decided to go work for the 4 months out in Minnesota during the summer so I could come back home and have some money to invest in starting a business. I had a successful summer selling after inching up that oh so brutal learning curve with cold door to door sales. Convincing a complete stranger to invest 3K into an alarm system within an hour of meeting them was the hardest thing I’d ever tried to do. Until the next hardest thing I tried to do.

Which was taking a leap moving out to Houston, TX in Nov. 2015 to start an internet marketing business with little to no startup capital. Initially, I had 2 business partners. Our services worked to increase our clients targeted traffic, lead generation, and revenue. Our services mainly consisted of Website design, Pay-Per-Click (PPC) marketing, and SEO marketing. With my sales background, I handled the client relationships and acquisition. Over time I learned from my two nerdy tech business partners the majority of the technical aspects of the marketing we provided and I became more involved in the service fulfillment and marketing operations for our clients. 1 year in, 1 of my 2 business partners fell off after stealing some money when we told him there was NO WAY he could have 25% of all revenue, WOW, didn’t expect that one. How would we operate? lol. Anyways, my remaning partner and I ran a successful internet marketing company for 2 years ranking clients websites in Google for targeted traffic and sales.

But, there was one BIG issue left. I felt I had no other option but to separate from my now ex-business partner as he would lie and exaggerate truths to clients and potential clients which I had attempted many times to talk with him to correct it only to fail. This resulted in me divorcing my business partner and moving back to my glorious home nature loving state, Utah in November 2018. Where I have since been working with local and national businesses driving targeted traffic to increase lead generation, sales, and revenue for businesses.

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