Small Business – Creating New Customers With Your Internet EcoSystem

Ambitrek Marketing helps small businesses increase the leads and customers generated with an efficient internet marketing strategy. We don't look at just improving one of the many moving parts inside a business's INTERNET ECOSYSTEM to make them actually generate leads that turn into customers for a business. We focus on all of them.

Making sales on the internet for a business is just like water running through 6 connected but separate pipes to get to a certain destination. If some of the pipes have small punctures in them, and or the connections of one pipe to the other aren't 'flush' you're going to be losing and wasting a ton of water!

Marketing on the internet is the exact same. You're sending traffic down a SALES FUNNEL on the internet. So, if you're spending money or time on internet marketing and you don't have all of these moving parts below in place, we'd suggest you stop right now.

Because chances are, even though you may be sending customers to visit your social media pages, they're not converting because they're falling out of you're sales funnel because there are gaps everywhere in it.

Here are the key components Mathew Pedersen at Ambitrek Marketing suggests you look at to improve your business's sales from the internet and social media:

  1. Website- The site should be up to date and modern with relevant services detailed out. It should look equally as good or greater than your competitors. You have active social media icons linked correctly. At least 1 blog post per month uploaded.
  2. Landing Page/Sales Page- This is a one-page website promoting specifically the sale of a 'low end' and or 'intro' product to get customers in the door to collect contact information, establish a relationship with the customer to, later on, sell 'high end' products to make your profit as you're marketing to a very warm and receptive audience.
  3. Social Media- Create a strategy and implement it to make social media work for you. Whether it's using Paid Advertisements on with the Facebook Business Manager, or leveraging an Organic Posting strategy on Instagram/Twitter/Pinterest/LinkedIn. You should have some sort of ACTIVE gameplan in place, and understand that getting 463 likes on a post is not social media 'working' for your business. We're talking about getting an actual ROI (Return on Investment) with social media. This isn't as hard as it's generally perceived with proper guidance and consistency.
  4. SEO (Search Engine Optimization)- Your website should be ranking/displaying for keywords that your potential customers would be entering into Google if they were looking for a company like yours to work with. This internet traffic type is one of the highest converting groups of traffic.
  5. Email Marketing- Your business should have a strategy to collect targeted emails and disperse effectively and efficiently a carefully crafted sequence of emails to both active customers and potential customers. With Active customers, you're providing additional value emailing updates like: competitions, product releases, and insight on product creation, etc. With potential customers, you're looking to build additional rapport while also conveying the value of your product/service in efforts and convert them into a paying customer.
  6. Retargeting Strategy- A retargeting strategy may be the most important piece. Retargeting brings the people that have viewed your website/social media and didn't buy, BACK. Marketing studies have shown a customer needs as many as 22 exposures to a product prior to making a purchase. So if you let them go as soon as they leave your website, you're fighting an uphill battle.


Focusing on just 1 component at a time learning about it and improving it until it's all complete for your business will certainly provide an ROI assuming you stay consistent working on all of the individual categories to complete it in a timely manner, and or pay to have it pieced together for you.

When we get approached by an entrepreneur/business owner that is looking to make more sales on the internet their Internet EcoSystem is the first thing that we look at to really help the business skyrocket the customers they acquire. Because just one missing component such as the social media profiles having only 3 posts can destroy the effectiveness of the whole campaign if a potential buyer sees it. You don't want to give your customers any reason to not buy from you on the internet.

If you feel like you might be open to discussing about getting some help with increasing the sales for your business. You can set up an internet marketing consultation (with no obligation to buy anything) to go over your goals to see exactly how we might be able to help you achieve them here: Schedule Marketing Consultation


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