Are You Ready to Step Up Your Business's Online Strategy?

Mathew Pedersen the founder of Ambitrek Marketing extends some time to personally work 1 on 1 with a client or business to help them hit their sales and revenue goals leveraging digital marketing and automation.

A business that is looking to achieve success on the internet acquiring new customers on a weekly basis needs to have all of the i's dotted, and t's crossed, or it will waste a large portion of the money spent to drive website visits. In the consultations, Mathew will conduct an analysis of all of your relevant internet properties for your business.

This generally consists of reviewing the website in-depth checking to see whats apps are being used, and what ones are not that we might benefit from. He studies the social media profiles looking at the content strategy, overall profile optimization, and the Call-To-Action. The email marketing strategy will be studied looking for areas of improvement along with assisting in developing an automated email sequence engaging with customers. The blogging strategy will be analyzed from an SEO standpoint.

After the areas of improvement are surfaced within the business's online presence, we start to create strategies to efficiently correct each of these items working to increase the number of new customers and sales you receive with the same effort exerted.

Through Mathew's 6 years of running a digital marketing agency managing and working with clients performing Search Engine Optimization, Instagram Marketing Services, Website Design and Lead Generation using both Organic and Paid Traffic Services. You will not be at a short with tools and resources to help to you complete even the most seemingly difficult marketing objectives.


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Marketing Consulting Services:

So, if this sounds like something you and your business would be able to benefit from go ahead and click the button below to purchase our consulting package.

This consulting package delivers two video calls (each 1 hr long) working to improve how you do business online. The calls are generally spaced 2-4 weeks apart depending on how quickly we're making progress on the projects at hand.

Now go ahead and grab your consulting package, after your purchase, the calendar link allowing you to select the time that will work best for you will be sent in the receipt email along with a link to a form that will collect some pertinent information on your business, product/service, and the target market you're looking to reach so Mathew can best help you hit your business goals.


Marketing Consulting Packages:

Starter Package:


Cost: $100


  • 30 min marketing consultation.
  • Preliminary analysis sent to email.
  • Website Analysis.
  • Social Media Analysis.
  • Marketing Consultation recap

Growth Package:


Cost: $350


  • Two 1-hour marketing consultations.
  • Preliminary analysis sent to email.
  • Website Analysis.
  • Social Media Analysis.
  • Email Marketing Analysis.
  • Blog Strategy Analysis.
  • Content Strategy Analysis.
  • Marketing Blueprint provided.
  • Marketing Consultation recap emails.

Customer Testimonials: