These are 4 Digital Marketing Tools Every Utah Business Needs to Use.

4 Digital Marketing Tools Utah Businesses Should Be Using

In this article, we’re looking at 4 different internet marketing tools that every business should be using today to reach and convert their customers more efficiently. 


1. Canva (Design)

Canva is a phenomenal tool for helping a business look awesome and professional on the internet. Canva is a content creation platform that offers great-looking templates for just about anything you’d ever want to create digitally on the internet from banners, brochures, social posts, videos, and more.



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Ambitrek uses Canva for many advertising projects that we create for both our marketing agency and the clients that we work with. Consumers have high expectations when it comes to a modern brand. They are hungry for content, and only high-quality content at that. It can be very very time-consuming to use design platforms like photoshop or also very expensive to hire a professional designer.


So overall, Canva is great for any business owner that has any reason to be on the internet promoting themselves and their business. It’s very easy to use with it’s ‘drag & drop’ and ‘click to edit’ type platform. 


Pricing: They have a great FREE option with 250,000+ templates available. Their premium plans start at only $13 per month allowing 1-5 people on the plan.


2. Mailchimp (E-mail Marketing +)


Mailchimp is known for its email marketing as that’s how it began. They have since added quite a few more features allowing you to build landing pages and create and run Facebook/Instagram ads within their platform. 


Email marketing is generally overlooked and viewed almost as old school internet marketing. But it is still very effective today when done right. Email Marketing allows your business to blast out to your whole customer base a message whether it’s a newsletter or a discount notification. When looking to ‘close’ sales from your lead generation strategies or to upsell your existing customer base e-mail marketing proves to most always be very effective. To put the cherry on top, you can run ads on Facebook and Instagram targeting your email list to create even more of the ‘they’re everywhere’ effect. 

A few things to keep in mind- Just because you send an email doesn’t mean it will be received. Your sending domain has a reputation based on its history- don’t spam! Secondly, always verify your email list to avoid bounces. Third, stay focused on high-quality content for your customer base adding perceived value in your emails whilst advertising. 80% value & 20% advertising is a good ratio to not kill your audience. 


Overall: Mailchimp is certainly not the only email marketing option but it’s usually the best for a small business as they offer a free plan allowing up 2,000 contacts. They are very easy to use with drag & drop editors building websites and email content.


Pricing: A free plan is available. Paid Plans start a $13 going to $300 pr/mon depending on the plan and email list size. 

3. Google Trends (Target Audience Research)


Google Trends is a wonderful tool provided by Google offering just an abundance of information. It can be a lot to keep up with all of the rotating trends on the internet and more importantly with consumer interests that can indicate probable buying behavior. 


A few useful applications for Google Trends. You’re able to input any search query or topic you’d like. Next, adjust the filters to fit your target market (U.S./Worldwide etc. + Time Frame) and search! 


The data displayed will tell you based on all the information that Google (search engine, advertising networks, gmails, google analytics etc) has what the level of interest is for each particular country, state, or city depending on the amount of information in the category. It also provides relevant topics based on your input and what consumers and searching for.


Overall: This is very useful for any business that is looking to find out more about their target audience. You can learn what your audience cares about when it comes to your product/service, and where your hottest customers are from a geographic standpoint. 


Pricing: FREE! Thanks, Google. 🙂 (even though they just monetize all our data)


4. Google/FB/IG/Pinterest Ads. (Traffic)


Now we’re looking at internet traffic sources that can generate an ROI for your business online. In today’s day, there is a tremendous amount of competition in most niches on the internet. 


The sad truth no business owner wants to hear is that just because you build a website, doesn’t mean anybody is going to come and look at it. Even if it's a beautiful 10 thousand dollar website. 


You need to do something to get not just people to view it, but potential customers to look at it, right when they’re in need of your product/service and are ready to buy with credit cards in hand. Posting on IG every day won’t cut it either. 


So, unless you're engaging your target customers another way, you should consider running paid advertisements. The platform that each business should use to promote their product or service totally varies on the business. Each advertising network has a different type of demographic on it. Google (and search engines) are great for highly time-sensitive situations. For example- Take emergency plumbing. If a customer has a burst pipe, they’re not going to scroll facebook until they see a plumbing ad. They’ll search quickly if they don’t have one in their already network. Pinterest obviously appeals more to the female audience making it a great option if that fits your market. Facebook (who owns Instagram) obviously just has a massive reach and is hard to ignore. If FB/IG  isn’t your main traffic source, these platforms should at least be considered as a retargeting strategy to re-engage customers that viewed your site and didn’t buy. 


Overall: Unless your business is literally booming to the point where you can’t handle the business coming in you should be running some sort of advertisement. If you’re going to handle the ad creation and management yourself, do A LOT of research and use a relevant ad strategy. If you’re open to hearing about how Ambitrek can help you with increasing your lead generation and sales, set up a quick consultation here: 


Pricing: Ad Spend budgets generally vary from $500-$5000 per/mon depending on the business niche, location, and local competition. 


To conclude: I hope that you’ve found this post helpful. These certainly are not all the tools a business should be using to succeed on the internet, as different businesses all have different needs, but the tools mentioned on this list are certainly in my opinion, vital. 

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